Welcome to Renee’s Bistro

Ok, maybe my home isn’t a Bistro that serves French home-style cooking but we do lots of home cooked meals and often serve coffee and wine to our guests.

learning to cook starts early in this house

learning to cook starts early in this house

Like most of you, I am also busy, we are a homeschooling-working-from-home type of family and each day I need to feed a bunch of little mouths. Preparing meals takes time and energy and each one of us have to choose how much we want to invest in this task. While feeding growing children, I came to the conclusion that eating habits comes from home. What we serve our kids, shape their relationship with food.

I could tell you all about the epidemic of the fast food generation and the slow death of home-cooked meal, but I think you all are well aware of those facts. I want to make a quick note to say that we  too sometime eat fast food, and yes, we also purchase some pre-package food from time to time. I try to cook from scratch when it’s possible but also like convenience when available. I do not do meal plans, I prefer the freedom to be creative and spontaneous in the kitchen.

In this blog, I will be sharing about the food we love, some kitchen and some money-saving tips, cooking for and with kids, and a few other things related to cooking and baking.

I am not a chef, nor have any formal cooking skills, just a mom who likes good food and feeding people.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Renee’s Bistro

  1. Hi renee. Thanks for dropping in on my little corner of WP. I really appreciate the follow and love to see what others are up to.
    I hope you find something you like on vannillarock and please always feel free to comment., then I know I’m not talking to myself 🙂

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