Veggies pizza on cauliflower crust

Let’s talk vegetables, either we love then or hate them. We want our kids to eat them and from time to time we check ourselves and wonder how long ago did I ate at least 5 a day? I remember certain vegetables that I used to hate, Brussels sprouts were one of them, and now I can’t get enough of them. We all tend to go trough phases with certain dishes and food where we dislike and after a while began to like and sometime even love.

Some foods have a certain acquired taste to them and you have to try them multiple times before you realize, hey this isn’t terrible after all. That is why we should offer a variety of food to our kids even if they claimed they don’t like it, because they do, they just don’t know it yet! Don’t get discouraged with the constant “I don’t like this”, ask them to eat a few bites and only a few bites of the repulsive food item each time to prepare it.

cauliflower crust pizza

Speaking of veggies and trying something new, I have seen these cauliflower pizza crust all over pinterest and other social media, I have to admit they got be curious but was a bit apprehensive about trying to make it. We are a vegetables loving family, and thinking of preparing this meal and risking wasting precious yummy veggies was a bit painful.

Anna Jones , Gluten-Free Pizza did stood out to me, and for this recipe it was my inspiration.


Cauliflower crust

  1. Medium size cauliflower
  2. 1 1/2 cups of old fashion oats
  3. 1 cup ground almond
  4. 1 1/5 tsp salt
  5. 1 tsp oregano
  6. 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese. grated (or vegan cheese)
  7. 2-3 eggs ( or Flax Vegan eggs substitute )

Cut the cauliflower into pieces and with a food processor chop until it resemble tiny grain of rice, add the remaining ingredients omitting the eggs. Run the food processor until everything is well blended together. add enough eggs until it forms a soft dough.

Spread the dough on a large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, spread evenly into a thin layer.Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes or until the crust is dry to the touch and golden in color.

Cauliflower pizza crust

Tomatoes Sauce

  1. 1/2 can of tomatoes
  2. 2 tbsp olive oil
  3. 1 tsp salt
  4. 1 clove garlic
  5. bunch of basil or (1 1/2 tsp of dry basil)

This part is easy, put everything in the food processor and blend until combined. Spread evenly onto the cauliflower crust.

tometoes sauce

homemade pizza sauce

Pizza toppings

  1. 2 spring of swiss chard
  2. 1/4 cup spinach
  3. 1/2 cup fennel, tiny sliced
  4. 1/2 half of mozzarella ball ( or vegan cheese )
  5. 1 tbsp honey
  6. grated Parmesan (or vegan cheese)
  7. a few squeeze of a lemon juice
  8. fennel branches and leaves for garnish


Tear some Mozzarella and sprinkle over the sauce. Cut the Swiss-chard and spinach in small pieces and add to the pizza and add the fennel on top. Drizzle some honey and bake for another 10 to 12 min.

mozzarella veggie pizza

When the pizza is baked, squeeze some lemon juice over the pizza, grate some Parmesan to taste and add the leaves of fennel.


Veg Pizza

cauliflower pizza

Slices and serve warm.

First impression 

Now I know what you are all waiting for, how was it?

Out of the four of us 2 liked it and 2 didn’t hate it but after 1 slice were done. The crust did hold it’s shape and you are able to pick it up and eat it like a dough pizza crust. the flavor combo worked for us but might not for everybody. Chard is really earthy flavor but combines well with tomatoes and the anise flavor of the fennel and lemon was a nice tangy-ness to balanced the sweetness. If I could have change anything I would have probably added onions and feta cheese and perhaps black olives.

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