Hi there! Welcome to Renee’s Bistro. So very glad to have you over, please pull yourself a chair and a cup of coffee and visit for a little shall we.

You clicked on this page, and my guess is that you want to get to know me a bit more.  As you could tell from the title of the blog, my name is Renee, I don’t own a bistro but we do lots of home cooked meals and often serve coffee and wine to our guests.

I am a busy homeschooling, work from home, single mom of three little princess, now put that title on a business card! As a former nurse I know the importance of good nutrition and while feeding growing children, I came to the conclusion that eating habits comes from home. What we serve our kids, shape their relationship with food.

I could tell you all about the epidemic of the fast food generation and the slow death of home-cooked meal, but I think you all are well aware of those facts. I want to make a quick note to say that we  too sometime eat fast food, and yes, we also purchase some pre-package food from time to time. I try to cook from scratch when it’s possible but also like convenience when available. I do not do meal plans, I prefer the freedom to be creative and spontaneous in the kitchen.

In this blog, I will be sharing about the food we love, some kitchen and some money-saving tips, cooking for and with kids, and a few other things related to cooking and baking.

I am not a chef, nor have any formal cooking skills, just a mom who likes good food and feeding people.

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